Monday, August 12, 2013

Learning so much!!

whaddup fam?! good week here in satélite! We were both sick this whole week with the cold and had to do a bunch of interviews in the other missionaries´areas. It was difficult to find time for our own work, but we managed it! We are hoping that everything will go right this week so that Tiago and Francisco can be baptized this saturday! When my comp was doing interviews i sat and conversed with a few members. Its really amazing that i can really have a full on conversation with people in portuguese. I am still getting to know a lot of the members of the area. Its hard when 2 new missionaries come into an area! My companion and i had a few difficulties getting along this last week. He likes to talk 90 percent of the time in the lesson and treated me like i was being trained. I was like dude, i know you´ve trained 2 guys the last 2 transfers and that you talked 90 percent of the time before because they didnt know how to speak portuguese, but give me a chance to talk. When we finally resolved that, things got better. It never works out with investigators if just one person talks. I am trying to look at what i´m able to learn from this situation instead. We had stake conference on sunday in the big 2 story chapel in the center. It was very well prepared with great speakers. The stake president is so young! he´s gotta be about 34 or 35! Luckily our ward rented a bus to bring people there, so we were able to bring a few investigators! I am really noticing my growth as a missionary lately. I read my journal from the beginning of the mission...i knew nothing! I know that the mission is the only place that i couldve learned the things that i know now and gain the testimony that i have today. I like 3 nephi 14 a lot.. we use it often in this area with families that are going through rough patches. Read it if you get a chance! Love you guys!
Elder Larsen


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