Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Feeling Loved by the members!!

hey fam! good week of work here! 11 months today!!! I´m getting to know the area and the people here well. We passed the 100 mark in attendance this week which was a shocker! The members are receiving us really well. I´m in the best area with the best members that i´ve had in the mission. but you cant have everything, thats why i´m with one of the stinkers of the mission. Elder a ribeiro is 27 yrs old and weird...really weird. all he does is talk about deep doctrine and make our investigators feel out of place. Even outside of lessons he´s strange. luckily i was able to go on a division with bishop santos on thursday. ´he´s only 36 years old! he´s so fired up about having elders now. he told me he´ll go on a division with me every thursday. I was able to learn a lot from him in our lessons. he has been a member for 8 years and has a great desire to serve a mission with his wife. I honestly think he will be a mission president in a few. I honestly walked a good 100 miles this week! We got to know a lot of the area this week. We taught a lady this week, Eva, who lives with her mom. her mom has 22 kids!!! is that a record?! i think it is! sunday was really really good! Bishop made it so that every meeting was focused on missionary work. he spoke last as well in sacrament meeting and lit it up! Every came running to us afterwards with references...a good 20! lunch was a good time on sunday. It was a big family about the same as ours with 3 returned missionaries and their wives and kids at the grandparents´ house. I felt like i was at home joking around with clyde hahah! I called them out on their "dad jokes" hahah! We have a family that is ready to be baptized, Ronaldo and Eriani. We´re just waiting for their interview! Not a lot of other news, but transfers are next week! who knows what will happen!
Elder larsen

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