Monday, August 19, 2013

Transferred & Living the Life!

hey yall! Well, this week was a little different than what i was expecting! We worked like crazy this week in Satélite, especially preparing Francisco for his baptism saturday. So, friday morning, we get a call from the assistants during study hour, saying that me and elder a. ribeiro were being transferred! that same day! So i´ve been transferred to Esplanada, on the other side of teresina! Its an area of sisters, but the 2 that were in Esplanada had health problems and went home. So president grabbed one from each companionship in Satélite and put us here! Its way far from the other parts of teresina! President came and got us that same day and took us there. Its a nice area, a little more high class. The house here is AWESOME though. Now i know how sister missionaries live! Its huge for us two and all of the appliances are brand new! We meet in a little school owned by a member here because they are waiting to buy land to build a chapel. So we jumped right into a situation where 2 people were going to be baptized saturday, Carlos, a 40 yr old guy, and Pedro, a 15 yr old ym. We met up with them and finshed up their discussions and all. I hit it off with Pedro well, he´s a good kid. Sunday, when we arrived, everyone was shocked to have elders instead of sisters! They treated us like rockstars! hahaha the leaders are all so good here. Our ward mission leader was called sunday. His name is Nicolas and doesnt even look brasilian. He served in Florianopolis and got back 4 months ago and got married a month ago! His brother is serving in london right now. Bishop Santos is a boss! He´s a young guy with a young family full of energy! Sunday night we had the baptisms. They hold them at the chapel Angelim, where esplanada divided from. Fanciest chapel i have ever seen! Carrumba!! So we got there and started setting things up and out of nowhere Pedro came to me and was dude, i want you to baptize me! I had no other clothes with me or anything, so i just threw on the jumpsuit! It was a very spiritual meeting though, especially in the chapel there. I never baptized in a real font yet! I´ve never seen so many members at a baptismal service either! over 50 people were there! So....everything´s just fine here!
Love yins,
Elder Larsen

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