Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Learning Patience...

hey fam! good week here in Esplanada! I learned to work on my patience this last week and turns out that we had a lot of success. We have FOUR new solid families in our teaching group. 2 that bishop and his wife visited with his wife. Bishop santos is a tank when it comes to missionary work. The guy that should have every excuse in the world to not help, is the only one that helps us! He´s a math professor, has 2 little kids, does an english course, but still finds time to help us 2 times a week. He says, "I PUT DA TEAM ON MY BACK DOE!" (thats for clyde and jake) I cant believe i´m hitting the year mark this month! Its going by fayast now! I went on divisions this week with, Elder Allen, my comp in the MTC. We killed it! we work really well together. He´s a contact making machine. People understand me even better when i teach with him. We had a cool experience during the last lesson, A guy, Marcilio, that they´ve been having a hard time to open up, opened up! He´s been taught by a ton of missionaries already, but i cracked him with a scripture in alma 34. I forget which one, but he started to open up and asked more questions. I think it all started though when we started complimenting a lot of the things in his house. He got all flattered and opened up! He likes to paint and do murals as well. He´s got a TON of fruit trees in his yard as well. pineapple, caju, acerola, mango, etc! They made juice for us there on the spot! Afterwards, i was able to chew the fat with elder nakazoni and a few other elders in the Staff House (where the secretaries, lz´s, and a few others live) That's about it for the week.
Elder Larsen
p.s. watch some college football for me!

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