Monday, September 23, 2013


BATISMO!!! week full of miracles!! first off, on pday i heard somebody speaking english...fluent english at the bus station. i followed the voice until i saw this little old couple. i asked them if they spoke english and they said yeah! they´re from virginia...i was like what the heck are you guys doing in teresina?! they´re missionaries! baptist missionaries.. hahaha they´ve been here since the 70´s! but i speak better portuguese than them still.. hahaha! so we spent this week preparing 2 families to be baptized, Ronaldo and Eriani, and Francisco and Leiliane! We had a great zone conference about our perspective of our areas. We read a passage in Numbers that talks about missionaries that were sent out to scout areas and how all of them reported good things. Our perspective is key as missionaries. President was there as well and told us that our zone is the most excited and active of the mission. So friday, we got a call out of nowhere from a girl named Maiara. She thought it was sisters still in the area and asked for a visit! She had been taught before and has been to church 6 times! saturday we had a baptism explosion! every companionship in our district baptized! I was asked to baptize the sisters´ investigator, samia. then after i baptized eriani and elder ribeiro baptized ronaldo. then AFTER, elder montero baptized rosilene! Whew! then came sunday. we went to francisco and leiliane´s to accompany them to church. When we got there, nobody was ready so we told them to get ready while we cleaned the house! and we did! hahaha. they were doubting baptism as well, but we told them that if they procrastinate, it´ll never happen. and whatever feeling of doubt that comes to your mind comes from satan. he always wants us to doubt so that he can steer us in any direction like a blind sheep. When we got to church with them, Maiara was already there! and...she has a baptismal date marked for saturday?!?! and guess who marked her date...the bishop´s wife! hahaha! You go girl! She is practically a member by the way she participated in the classes. Later, the baptisms went down! To our suprise, there were about 50 members there to support them! The wards starting to love us! Weekly baptisms are pumping them up. I´m grateful that the Lord in putting quality families and people in our path. Couldn´t ask for a better way to enter into the week of my ONE YEAR MARK ;)
Elder Larsen

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