Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Going Strong & So Proud!

hey yall! Annoucement: I´m officially an old fart in the mission! hahha! great week to start off the second year. We prepared Maiara this week for her baptism saturday. We got a call from president thursday saying that he wanted to interview us. so we went to the mission home after lunch. He said he´s really impressed with the work and wants to keep us in esplanada for a little while. The mission has a lot of elders going home this transfer, but not many coming in because of visas. good luck to any american getting called to brasil right now... i think the president is mad because of the espionage that happened. He will have to close a lot of areas. He said he wanted to visit our ward on sunday as well! Saturday was MAiara´s baptism! Not a ton of people were able to go, but it went smooth! Awkward moment, after i baptized her, she tried to hug me! hahaha oops, we forgot to explain that part in the lessons! hahaha! Later we organized an activity of MOVIE NIGHT! our ward mission leader brought a projector to show the movie, Defying Giants, that cristian football movie. Everyone loved it, but didnt understand the rules of football still! hahah! Afterwards, i started itching....LIKE CRAZY! i didnt know what it was, but i started breaking out and my face started swelling up. I realized what it was...when i changed clothes at the baptism, my shirt fell on the ground, and a few fire ants jumped on it. I threw it on after without thinking and they started biting me like crazy! I forgot to take a picture,but my whole back, chest, face were all blotted and swollen! man, it was ugly. i got medicine though, and the next day it all cleared up! we had a good crowd at church! brought 14 investigators to church and broke the attendance record! President Siedschlag gave training in sunday school and spoke in sacrament meeting as well. He killed it! he´s one smart fella. He spoke about how our reaction should be when we converse with non members. not just how are you, and you respond, "i´m good" we have to say WHY we´re "good". Respond, i´m good, i went to church and learned this in relief society or primary, etc. When you say something like this, naturally the person will say...whats relief society or whats sacrament meeting? we have to say things that will open someone´s ears! thats about all my news for this week! CANT WAIT FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!
Elder Larsen

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  1. I found you Elder haha , I liked your blog it's so cool , I'm sorry for to try hug you ....I didn't know I couldn't .....I hope you stay with us until your last mission day , not matter how much time passed by ....we always attach to the missionaries like family's member , I want you know how much is good have you with us !