Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Share the Gospel!!

Hello fam!! dang, i open up my email and there´s a new niece!! congrats kara and jake! she looks like jake. Haylee´s gonna be a lacey with kara all over again. Now i have to change my photo album again! We´ll see how many nieces and nephews there will be when i get home. We had a short, but good week of work from conference. We´ve been getting help from a few members giving us references of families. One is really good, Carlos and Elizangela. They are christian and know the bible very well. So, when we taught the restoration, we got to use some deep scriptures. We related in revelation 17 with i think its 1 nephi 13 where it talks about only 2 churches: the church of christ and satan´s church (the great abominable church). Its amazes me that you can teach everything about the restoration and the plan of salvation with the bible. i´ve really gained more testimony of it in the mission. we got a call out of nowhere saying that we had zone conf in buenos aires....super far and we´ve never been there. So we got the wrong bus and had to walk 20 kms after to get there.. Every other companionship knew about the meeting last monday, but they told us the same day.. frustrating. Conference was way good! It was weird listening to talks in english. i really had to pay attention to understand. I watched priesthood in portuguese though. There were so many general authorities who focused on praying specifically for something or someone. M Russell Ballard went at the throat of the members! He said: ask the missionaries who they´re teaching, get to know these people, and pray for them, specifically! If you pray blindly for something, you´ll get a blind response! He also said that members are scared to get a specific answer sometimes because THAT MEANS THEY HAVE TO WORK. hahah! Uchdorf was the man as well. I know dad went crazy for him. Everything he says, he words so well! The phrase i liked the most is "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!" Jeffrey R Holland was very interesting as well. He said, God´s love NEVER changes, regardless of what we´ve done. I love the new 70´s. S Gifford Nielson was a stud! I loved his voice, he´s a wirey, excited guy! ahha! He said, if we really love the gospel, wouldnt we want to share it with our friends? WE have to develop and carry out our own gameplan. This time right now will go down in the history of the church. Like the restoration, or when the salt lake temple was built, or when the conference center was built, this is a historic time in missionary work! the church jumped to 15 million members this conference with 80,000 missionaries in the world. 3 words: hasten the work! I´m excited to be able to read these talks again and put them into practice. 
Love all of you!
Elder Larsen

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