Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Service Work Overload!

hello família! Finished up another transfer here in Esplanada. Me and my companion are staying. This next transfer goes until nov 26th! I´m thinking i´ll be out the next one and he´ll finish up his mission here. We had Rogéria´s baptismal interview last week and she PASSED! so she´ll be jumping in the water here soon :) We had a big service project this week as well helping brother Ander. He and his family are from Angelim, the neighbor ward and will be moving into their new house in december. We moved a MOUNTAIN of dirt by wheelbarrow for him with 2 other fellas from the ward. I got battle marks (blisters) to show. There´s a ton of housing developments opening up in our area. its really booming. Because of this, we robbing members from a lot of other areas :) the contruction of the chapel will begin in no time. President sent me an email saying for me to take a picture of the little school that we meet in now to remember when i visit the mission one day in the future when there´s a huge chapel. We got 2 boxes of book of mormons as well this week, but HARD CAP this time!! the moment we left the house with those babies, it was already calling attention. A lady on our own road stopped us and asked us to visit her! Her name is Márçia.  She´s 37 and is a geography professor. She lives only 6 houses from our house! She´s very intelligent and has a lot of potential! We had stake conference sunday downtown. She even went to conference! It was way good! President and Sister spoke, the stake president, and an area seventy of brasil northeast. The seventy gave a great talk. He compared us to the apostles when christ was suffering the atonement, they were sleeping. When many are needing of us, we´re sleeping as well! He said, if it were women they wouldnt be sleeping though. Burnt all of the men in the congregation. ahaha! I got to say bye to 2 guys taking off today there as well, Elder Howe and Elder Cooper. Elder Howe´s my great grandpa, plus i followed his blog before the mission! I always showed you guys pictures of what the mission would be like from his blog. Elder Cooper, i went on a division with him to caxias when elder nakazoni was sick at the beginning of the mission. Its crazy how fast time flew! They had my time that i have in the mission now, when i arrived! I´m excited for Christmas! Its just a few days away!
Elder Larsen

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