Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder Pinky...

well well, its monday again! Its been a way better week! We´ve got a great pool of investigators to work with this week. Its amazing how we started this week with practically nothing.. we had 2 people progressing, but after a running all over the place, back breaking week of contactsm, lessons, etc, we got good things ahead. We were waiting in the square for a few minutes to go with bishop to an appointment, passed by about 5 minutes and i saw a big, athletic guy on the other side. It was just us 3. I looked at my comp and was like lets talk to him, he kinda neglected it, so i went myself to shoot up a conversation. His name is Rafael, he´s 18 and has a girlfriend that has a child as well. A few days later, they turned out to be our best investigators! So humble, they want  us to stop by their house every day. Seriously, Rafael is huge, like linebacker huge. Its so funny what people think when i strike up a conversation with them out of the blue. Whats this albino with blue eyes talking with me for?? ahaha! Actually, i´m not even white anymore, i´m pink. In fact, i was called elder pinky by an investigator.. Our other solid investigators are Poliana and Ana Clara. They went to church as well this week and dominated in the classes! Everyone thought they were members. Ana Clara is the one that we found her cell phone and poliana is her mom, she´s a private bus driver. We only work with sophisticated people! haha! AND, we have a baptism tomorrow! Rogéria will be entering the water at 8 oclock pm tomorrow! We´re gonna make her a cake today...should be interesting, never made one. She´s been able to comprehend everything very few and is very self sufficient and doesnt need to be hounded down for not fulfilling goals. I realize that when we put everything we have into the work of the Lord, our other problems dissolve. Sunday, i was asked to give a talk, good thing i already had something planned! I spoke very comparable to elder nielson of the 70 about the time is now. It was really weird when i spoke, i didnt stumble at all, i had no doubts or anything, i think it was the best portuguese i´ve ever spoken. I feel really comfortable right now with the language, its so crazy how a mission teaches these things so rapidly. I used a lot of clyde and jake´s mission tactics this week, and turns out that it worked. I´m getting old! Crazy i´ll already be home in 10 months. The time to work is now! haha love yall!
Your beloved,
Elder Larsen

the house that the lady forgot to feed them lunch! 

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