Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Challenging Companion.....

hey family! not the best of weeks, but we had some good points. Rogéria has a baptismal date set for the 29th of this month. She´s excited and progressing very well. we went to a cool place last pday called, Encontro dos rios, where 2 rivers meet and divide in color. We had a neat experience this week where we found a little cellphone in the middle of the road (seriously, LITTLE, like zoolander size) that was still functioning. We got a call from its owner and marked to meet up with them in the square to return it. It´s a girl named, Ana Clara. We gave her a book of mormon as well and got her address. Later on we taught her and her family. turned out to be a good investigator. We also met a good family last night that was a reference of the other missionaries. They knew quite a bit about the church, very educated. They also have one of the only 2 story houses here! They gave us a full on dinner after the lesson as well! It was the closest thing to mexican food that i ate in the mission, which was awesome! As for my companion, its really hard conversing with a 27 yr old guy all day that lived by himself before the mission. There´s days that are very frustrating that honestly want to hit my head on something. I hope i can get through this rough bit right now. 
My guess for rachel is that she´ll go to boston, massachusetts. I dont have a ton of other news, but i love you guys. you´re in my prayers as well
Elder Larsen

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