Monday, September 16, 2013


BATIIISSMOOO!!! Hello beloved ones! What an action packed week! We had a baptism yesterday of a little girl we´ve been teaching, Sabrina. She´s 9 yrs old and has been coming to church with a friend. She´s such a smart little girl and really grasped everything quite fast! She´s being a great example for her family because they´re starting to open up as well to hear the lessons. We´ve been teaching/preparing a lot of families this week! Francisco and leiliane will be getting married this week and the next week will be their baptism!! It´s crazy the success we´re having, even with an annoying companion! hahah! We did a practice interview with the couple and they both passed! We have a lot of good investigators....even some that make hamburgers for us! we did a little blitz with bishop santos and jonas, a young man. They went and taught a few of our investigators while we taught as well because we  marked too many appts! Then, later on we held a family home evening at Francisco and leiliane´s with bishop and his wife. It went swell! We had an activity that blew everyone´s mind after! We played a game where someone would have to leave the room and everyone else has to choose an item that they have to guess in the room. So, one of us would supervise and ask the person, holding up and pointing to items, asking them if it was the item that we chose. Nobody was able to guess right. Little did they know that we combined before the activity to know that the item would be the NEXT thing after the supervisor pointed to something BLACK. so when me and when elder ribeiro guessed right it blew everyone´s mind! hahaha! sunday went really well! We had 2 families in sacrament meeting and 9 people! The ward had the best attendance it´s had yesterday as well! I dont have a lot to complain about here in Esplanada! I´ll take advantage of the situation here and get some work done ;) Congrats to all those who got their mission calls...especially those going to BRASIL! Voces vão gostar muito meus peixinhos! AMO VOCES, FAMÌLIA!

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