Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Setting up a Wedding?!...

what up fam?! i´m not with our address right now, i´ll get it to you next week when i look at the water bill! We had a crazy week! I set up a marriage for the first time in the mission! francisco and leiliane, the family we´ve been accompanying alot accepted to get married. we found a few loop holes in the brasilian law to marry people without cost! we got to the city registry office and showed them our documents showing that the couple could marry without cost. they got all ticked off. They didnt accept the whole without cost thing very well. we had to play tough, but we did it! on the 20th they´ll be signing papers. We had a member from church this week hounding us to visit this person who lives years away from our house. so after about the 5th call, we went. it was literally an 1 and a half away. we got there, knocked on the door, and...a lady opens it up, tells us she hates us and slams the door. not to mention, it was 49 degrees celcius.. Its tough to accept situations like these. We´ve been teaching 2 teens, Tiago and Eduarda lately as well. Eduarda is 13...and tiago is 19. This area has a lot of pedophiles.. We started teaching eduarda and when we found out they were dating we tried to plan and seperate them somehow, but it turns out now that we´re teaching the 2. Tiago has a lot of potential. When we talked to him about serving a mission and all of the benefits, he became very interested. he´s been to church 2 times already! we had a good turn out of investigators this week as well!
general conference is just around the corner! i´m siked! i´ve been studying the liahona a lot lately to prepare for conference. i read a really good talk from jeffrey r holland that talks about justice and mercy, grace as well. he says that anything we plant, will always grow to be something bigger and evolve more seeds. so, if you plant a small seed of hatred, it will grow into a branch of hatred and after, a tree. grace as well is the cost that christ paid to allow us to be forgiven. like a parent pays a teacher to give piano lessons to their child. the teacher and the parent really gain nothing, but joy from the success of the child. christ is the parent that paid the price to the teacher (heavenly father) so that the child could learn and apply his talents. When we play one key wrong though, we dont just give up, you PRACTICE. when we feel bad about our sins, it shouldnt be just to punish us or to make us feel stupid, but to make us CHANGE. just like when we do something wrong in a math formula, we have to erase, go back, and restart. you can never just "keep going" and hope that everything works out. its the same way with life.
I´m getting old in this mish! and burnt! hahah we´ll see if anyone recognizes me here in a year. I´m burning a cd with photos to send you guys!
Èlder Larsen

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