Tuesday, July 16, 2013

National Man Day!

happy national man day! in brasil that is. Great week of work! We organized a cool family home evening this week with  THIRTEEN investigators! It was centered on the Atonement. I used the dvd, To this end i was born, that you guys sent me! awesome! We´ve been teaching better than ever but still the baptisms arent coming. I asked president about it last email. He told me that all of us in the mission are still pioneers. We have to look at everything as opening the door for future missionaries, even when we get rejected. He sent me a little talk from pres monson that talks about putting the work on our shoulders and going for it. I went on a division with elder puggina on thursday. We visited a few people in the hospital. One being a ym, billy, who was shot in the butt last week! Poor little Forrest Gump! haha! We visited the 2 boys that they were going to baptize too. They live in a little mud house of 3 rooms...with TEN people! outrageous! We later made a contact with a guy who is the owner of a big lumber company in Parnaíba. He came at us with some hard questions that i never heard before but we responded well! He offered to buy us dinner another night when we teach him! We held our activity again on friday! A lot more people came this time! We brought about 8 investigators! We did a "who´s line is it anyway" improvise! The funniest topic was "what not to do in the bathroom" I went again on a division with elder puggina saturday until sunday in São bernardo to do baptismal interviews! Everyone looked at me crazy there! I dont think there´s ever been an american there! hahaha! well next week i´ll know if i´ll live in parnaiba forever or not! Love you guys!
Elder Larsen

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