Monday, July 22, 2013

In need of Brown Contacts!

Hey yall! Still waiting on word of the transfer... But this last week was a hard working week, We made a ton of contacts to help out elder beraldi going into the transfer. Parnaíba is one tough area. There´s a lot of poor people here that you would think would listen to you, but 90% of the people we contacted were really hard hearted. We made a good contact though of a lady named Sandra that lives in a decent house. She is from Sao Paulo and is here taking care of her mom. She invited us in and made a bunch of food, asked us to chill on the sofa, and even offered for us to take a shower! hahaha (i dont know if it was pure generosity or if it was an insult telling us we stink!) We went knocking doors one day and we passed this HUGE HUGE house...i looked at my comp and we nodded and knocked that door. Actually, we didnt knock the door we talked by touchscreen camera! Expecting to be rejected when it rang, all of the sudden they answered! and let us in! One of the fanciest houses i´ve entered in my life! The lady´s name is Ellica, she´s a professor at the college, but lives with her grandmother. We had an activity again in the chapel friday as well. Went really well! We played a ton of games, musical chairs, trivia, peter james and john, etc. We made 2 teams as well so it got a little competitive! i loved the pics of all of the kiddos! They´re all so different! Its crazy how only 10 months changes so much! I went on a division this week with elder almeida in this member´s house. Its a little dirt house that always has a drunk lady walking around. The lady kept on caressing my arm and head out of nowhere when we were teaching, calling me sexy! I had to shoo her away from me! you need to send me colored contacts...the blue eyes call the old drunk lady to me. I´ll try to pop by the lanhouse later to give you news on transfers!
Elder Larsen

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