Monday, June 10, 2013

Never Leaving Paranaiba!!

Well, i´m being transferred too.....NOWHERE! I´m never leaving Parnaíba! hahaha! I´m the only missionary that hasnt changed these last 7 months! Only Elder Lucas in our house is leaving , for Sobral. Elder Puggina will train a newby. I wont lie, i was really hoping to be transferred, but i guess there´s some purpose for me here still. We played ball with some ym on pday and demanded references after and it worked :) hahah on tuesday we taught a friend of walder and mateus named madeson. He was way interested in the church. We taught about the plan of salvation for him because his dad was killed in an accident a few years ago. He believed everything and loved the little cards i made for the plan of salv. Wednesday i went on a division with elder puggina in my area. We taught madeson again, but this time with his brother Mycal, and cousin CJ. They participated really well and understood everything. Thursday was awesome, we have been making a lot of contacts lately and its paying off. We met a guy named John Lennon, yeah i know, he´s 22 and is studying business. We have so many investigators who want to be baptised but, the parents wont let them. We have some work to do! One of the reasons was that, "The mormon church isnt very common". So, was it common what Jesus taught when he was here? There were very few that accepted him and many that rejected him. just because something isn´t common to the world, doesnt mean its something that God accepts. I went on a division with Elder Lucas on sunday. What an intelligent guy! He´s older and studies law, so i had a great opportunity in the lesson to listen to him and learn a lot of new vocab! He teaches really well by the spirit. We found some good families and made a million contacts! Today we were invited by an investigator of E Puggina to have lunch. He picked us up and brought us to his house! The guy lives in a mansion! He has maids in his house and everything! Holy dang he gave us a feast! He has a lot of cool trees of fruit that i´ve never seen that i was able to try as well. Literally one of the nicest guys you´ll ever meet. He offered everything for us! But until July 22, looks like i got a lot of Parnaíba ahead of me! hahah!
Elder Larsen


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