Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lots of Inactives!!

Good 37834653th week in Parnaíba! We had some funny contacts this weeks. One was a group of ladies with their daughters (or should i say snakes). They asked us 10 billion questions about the church and asked to see our pictures. They went NUTS over my album. Everybody that passed by in the street they were like (OHH, ELE È DOS ESTADOS UNIDOS!) hahah they loved the pictures of the nieces and nephews. The new elder got here as well. His name is Elder Almeida, a short little white boy from Goiania, Goiais. Him and elder puggina are the shortest companionship in the mission! Haha its official, i will never live in the same house as americans! Its so funny, he gave his first spiritual thought at lunch. He FLEW threw it in 30 seconds, nervous to death! Rodrigo our golden investigator has a baptismal date set for this saturday, but his mom wants nothing to do with us or the church. Its a difficult situation, but he´s 18 yrs old and can choose himself. His dad´s all for him being baptized. When brasil was playing in the confederations cup this week, EVERYTHING STOPPED! not one appointment happened!  We met up with a guy that owns a frutaria, alex this week. We gave him a book of mormon a week ago and he´s been reading daily! When we started teaching him, he already knew what we were gonna say before we said it! The guy´s brilliant! He even asked what he has to do to be baptized! Sunday we had the best attendance ever since i got here! 87! We had a ton of inactives that i never saw in church, came! Nothing´s better than a full chapel! Its hot and sweaty, but good! Thanks for the love and support, i need it!
If you know anything that helps an earache, let me know as well! Its either an infection or a ruptured eardrum the doctor told me.
Elder Larsen

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