Monday, April 15, 2013

A little Faith = Miracles

ALO!! I´m alive and well! Me and Elder Nak started off the week using the bathroom 10x per day...we ate something funky, but all is good now! I went on a division this week with one of the young men in our ward, Tiago, who´s preparing to go on a mission. Elder Nakazoni went with our mission leader, Cristian. It was really successful! Dad would be proud of the numbers we did hhahah!  We taught a guy, Jose Ribomar, that has major problems with drinking. He lost everything to alcohol, including his family. He is living with his brother in law and his family who treat him very well. When we got to their house, he was shaking and really stinky being a little bit drunk still from the night before. We taught him about repentance and baptism. We told him pretty much that no treatment or anything will help his problem, only exercised faith can help. He was way humble and willing to learn and change. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted! Thursday we went to 3 public schools here and marked days that i can teach english! 1 of the schools, i taught the same day! I taught 5 classes with 50 students in every one! We made these forms explaining about missionary work and about the church in English and i taught it! The first class was a little nerve racking with all eyes on me...i almost pulled a Summer..."BOO!" hahaha! The classes were people of every age as well...even adults! Through the questionaires, we got the names and addresses of over 200 people that wrote down that they wanted a visit from us! We wont be knocking random doors for a while... Friday we visited Jose Ribomar again and WOW, he opened the door, and we saw a guy completely shaved and cleaned up in nice clothes!  What a drastic change he made in 2 days! 2 days before he looked like every other drunk with a scragly beard passed out on the sidewalk. He even talked clear and everything as well!  Strengthened my testimony of the gospel and how it can change, literally change, someone´s life!  Saturday we had Fabio´s baptism! Everything went smooth and had the support of the whole branch! People brought food and everything for after! Fabio is straight up solid and will help the branch here a lot! We later taught a young lady who is the niece of a member that wants to know more about the church! When we taught her the restoration, She cried and was like this is the answer i´ve been waiting for! We hardly even got a chance to study this week, we´ve been so busy! We started at like 9 am every day and didnt get back home until 10:30 or 11! Thats about it for this week though! More miracles coming soon!
Elder Larsen

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