Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday in Brazil

Bom DIA! Well, to start off, we played soccer last pday and i just want to say i scored 2 goals on brasilians! hahaha! Anyway,  dad´s right, i´m staying again in Parnaíba! I called from here on christmas and i´ll call on mother´s day too from here! hahha! Elder Nakazoni is heading to Teresina to be financial secretary, so he wont be walking or sweating for a while! And i´ll be getting a brasilian comp again that has a really hard name that i already forget! I think he has about 6 months in the field. There´s another companionship coming here as well, Elder Puggina from my group and Elder Lucas. So i´ll be back to just my old area, but i still need to show the entire area to everyone. I think this will be my last transfer here because somebody had to stay to show the area. I think this transfer will be just 5 weeks as well. I had a great birthday here. Fabio called us at night and was like guys i´m in the chapel right now, can you guys stop by and teach me the difference between priesthoods. So we ran over there and started teaching him. He was seated in the last bench in the chapel and we were turned toward him...2 minutes into teaching i hear..."PARABENS PARA VOCÊ....!" All of the youth got together and made me a cake and gave me ties and everything! I didnt even think anyone knew it was my birthday! It was really cool getting some brasilian love! Before that even, a sister in the ward gave us a full on dinner for my birthday as well! Wednesday i celebrated my birthday again at a couple´s house, Pedro and Pollyana. It was pedro´s birthday on the 24th. Had interviews for Iclé and José Ribomar this week as well, so we went on a division with the zone leaders to do them both. I stayed with E Deaver to do Iclé´s interview. It was funny at the end when he asked who she wanted to baptize her, she turned towards me and was like, Elder Larsen´s a smart alic, but i like him! hahaha! The 2 interviews went perfect! Saturday the YW had NEw Beginnings, so we helped out there a lot and watched their presentation. Afterwards, we had Iclé and José´s baptisms! Henrique, a member, baptized jose and i baptized iclé after. The place was loaded there! Almost the enitre branch was there to support! It was a really spiritual and well organized meeting! It was cool seeing the progress these two made! Iclé conversion helped a whole family that was once really active find a purpose in going to church again and jose ribomar was able to overcome an addiction to alcohol! Sunday they were both confirmed and thanked us both. Best conversions i´ve seen so far in my mission! It poured like crazy on sunday, so it made it hard for people to get to church. When it rains here, everything shuts down because nobody has a car. I´ll be looking this week for a place to Skype on mother´s day! Its getting close! Did mom´s birthday card get there yet? Love yins!
Elder Larsen

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