Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Zone = Real Bed!!

OPA! FELIZ ANNIVERSARIO para Khlo Khlo e Colty boy!! Dang everyone´s growing up! Transfers are arriving this next week so i should know this sunday! I have no clue whats happening...elder nakazoni´s been out almost a year now and is almost 7 months in the area and i´ve been out almost 7 with almost 6 months in the area. No other companionship has been together this long in the mission either! I´m hoping i will  go to Tiangua or Sao Bernardo (area that will open this transfer). i had an exciting week this last week here though. tuesday i went on a division with elder vepo and we challenged a young man to be baptized and he accepted! Wednesday i walked more than i have in my life.. Lunch was the far northeast part of parnaiba and our appointment was at jose ribomar´s which is the far southwest part of parnaiba. The people who progress the most live the farthest away!!! So later that night after walking forever, we get a call that there´s nobody at the church to teach they leave it to the missionaries..and it was the hardest lesson about parables. parables are already hard enough in english...imagine portugues!! I finally understood it and we taught it well! Everyone was really excited and participated. Thursday went to teresina and i guess we got rewarded for being the best zone because we stayed in presidents house where the rest of the elders stayed in other missionary houses! First time i slept in AC in almost 7 months and a real bed!! I felt like the missionary on The Other Side of Heaven when he got home and slept on the floor instead of his bed! It took forever to go to sleep! It was too comfortable! The conference the next day with Elder Godoy was sweet! He spoke a lot about not being scared to invite people to act. and also that we will always be new at something in life, so be brave and live up to your potential! I got to see elder steed, elder winn, and elder pennington that i knew before the mission so that was cool. We invited Iclé to be baptized this week as well i forgot and she accepted! Her and jose ribomar will be baptized this saturday! She has been having a rough time ever since accepting though because her mom HATES the church. She said to her that she would disown her if she would be baptized. But luckily her dad supported her and gave her a thumbs up. I told her about Coralee and how her ENTIRE family disowned her after she joined the church. She did what was best for her and her own family though and look where her posterity is today! I told her that she could be the difference maker for her future family as well. Satan tempts in the most crucial times until the last second as well. She´s still going strong though! Today we´re going to the district with the zone to play futbol for my birthday! I had about 10 sisters in the ward offer for me to stop by their house for my birthday tomorrow as well! To bad i cant week weight on sweating here all day!! hahaha! Love you guys! Obrigado pelos fotos e cartas! Abraço para todo mundo!
-Elder Larsen
Guerreiro de Deus 

President's House

Chapel in Teresina

a REAL Bed to sleep on!! 

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