Monday, April 8, 2013

Trainer for a day!!

OPA Y´ALL! It was an interesting week here this week! I became a trainer one day after our district meeting on tuesday. I went with Elder Lucas to my area. He is probably 6´7, 22 year old, black man! Hahah i felt like a little boy next to him. He´s a gentle giant though and very intelligent. He just arrived in the field last week. so i was thinking with him being brasilian and all that he would help me a lot in the lessons and that i wouldnt have too much pressure on me...i was wrong. I probably taught 95% of the lessons. He went completely nervous when we went proselyting. I made contacts alone as well...he stood like 10 feet away from the door when i talked to the people. Man, being a trainer is not easy. Respect to the trainers in the world. I never missed Elder Nakazoni so much! haha! We had a zone conference this week as well and our zone led in every number! We have the smallest amount of missionaries as well, 12. When Teresina has about 40! In december, we were the worst in every category and had 1 baptism in our whole zone. In march, we had 25! Our zone is really going at it! We had a good, busy week here as well! We have 2 baptisms set for this saturday, the 13th! A girl, 15, named Naira and Fabio, 22. They´re both dating members of the church!
Whoa, where do i start with General Conference?! The Super Bowl of missionaries! One more temple in Brasil...RIO! Hahah i watched the most part of it in english because they had a tv set up in another room, so me, elder haller, elder deaver, and elder costa watched it there, but our tv went bad during the priesthood session, so i watched it in portuguese and understood it all! Its always better to hear the real voice. The portugues translator sounds like a soap opera actor. I noticed that they talked a lot about agency, God´s standards dont change with the world´s standards, and set goals! I liked a quote that Tad R Callister said in the priesthood session, "Dont die while the music´s still in you" or dont go throughout your life without sharing your light and your hope of the gospel. My man, Dieter F Uchtorf took it to the house though. I´m sure dad was loving it. He said, "Satan would rather that you define yourself by your sins instead of your divine potencial!" and, "If you are waiting on the sidelines, GET IN THE GAME!" Whitney L Clayton´s talk about marriage was a killer as well! L Tom Perry said, "Do not pick and choose what commandments to obey, acknowledge all of them." Jeffrey R Holland came to play though, saying," Faith does not depend on size, but the intergrity that we demonstrate it" " The great test of this life is obedience" - Thomas s monson. I never realized how taking notes makes conference so much more effective and leaves a mark on you. I´m grateful that we do have a living prophet and apostles that know the way and will of the Lord. The world today is full of confusion and differing thoughts, but we can always know what we can do to continue on the eternal way to perfection through the teachings of these living revelators. It is our choice to be humble and receptive to these precious truths or not. But regardless, "No force in the entire world CAN NOT stop the work of God." I love you guys!
-Elder Larsen
I forgot my Jacket so I borrowed one off a
13 year old! haha
Watching Conference in English for part of the time!

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