Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birthday Week!

HEYYY!!! What an amazing week! I gained 4 lbs this week....and it was all in one day! RIDICULOUS! Last week we played basketball on Pday with the 2 giants Ramom and Hyago....6`3 and 6`9!! We won ;D hahahah! On tuesday we had a good district meeting....maybe my last one here! My comp showed me a funny thing that he did on his mission in new york....it´s called RM 800! You send a questionaire to a girl that is LOADED with hilarious questions about her whole life! for example: whats the size of your dad´s gun? Draw a diagram of your house including all of the fastest exits. Would you be willing to go scuba diving? hahahha! So on my birthday on wednesday, i woke up to breakfast in bed. My comp made pancakes! I have no idea to this day how he made them because we had no material in our house!!! haaha! Later we went to Ramom and Hyago´s for lunch...they made a huge CHURRASCO for my birthday! They even made a cake! I love those guys! Definately want to stay in contact with them. Hyago told me that jared hubbard eats like none other! I responded, well, he is a hubbard! hahahah! Later, we get invited to an "FHE" at Rhayrlla´s house! We get there and immediately everyone sings happy birthday! Crazy! I felt so loved! Then we get a call from bishop out of nowhere! I forgot that we marked to go on visits with him!! We went running to chapel and he hear someone call us from the square...it was bishop at the pizzaria! he was like, rapaz, did you think i forgot it was your birthday?! hahaha! He bought 2 huge pizzas! Love the guy! My birthday couldnt have been better. The members here are just too kind! I NEVER ate so much in one single day.. Thursday we taught this awesome couple! The woman had already read 18 pages of the book of mormon. The man we met for the first time! We invited the woman to church but she denied. when she said this, the man replied to her, "Woman? are you crazy! These boys have been tellin the truth! I went to their church one time....they know how to read the good book just right! Dont know about you, but i´m going on sunday!!" hahahah! crack up! THEN, he said the closing prayer, "Oh Senhor, me proteja daquala cabra ve!" (oh lord, protect me from that ol goat!) hahahah! dont know what that was supposed to be but i cracked up! We will have a baptism this friday of Iracema. A daughter of a member who we´ve been teaching! She passed her interview saturday. So pday will change after may 5th! It will be on wednesday now! Dont know what i feel about that....Well thats about it for this week! Thank you for the happy birthday wishes everyone!
Elder Larsen

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