Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"You´re a good man. Teach the hell out of them!"

Hello Hello!
This week was quite awesome! Lots of good things going on here! Me and Elder Patey are getting along very well. I gave a training on tuesday in the district meeting about covenants and baptism. We always have to reanalyze our teaching group to really see if we are teaching people that would make covenants with God in the temple. If not, we should look for those who would! We ate lunch with sisters at a less actives house where, the night before, the couple had fought....physically. The house was pretty torn. The sisters asked me and my comp to give the message. We gave a message about the jaredites and what happened with them because of the fault of charity they had. The entire civilzation was destroyed. It was quite spiritual. We gave the husband a blessing as well. So bishop called me this same day when we were on the bus (that broke down on the middle of the highway when it was 110 degrees....) and said that Neide who was set to be baptized on the 25th wanted to be baptized a week earlier! I was like....."uhh....NO PROBLEM!" She will be baptized this thursday! We found some good inactives to work with this wekk as well. Lots that havent been visited for years! President Lima, elders quorum pres, gave us 2 sweet references this week that we visited with him. 2 ladies came up to him at work and asked him what they had to do to be members of the church! hahahah! he was like, "well, i have 2 friends for you to meet." One is a hair stylist that reminds me a lot of lacey. Well, hair stylists are about all the same when it comes to personality... They were really open and understanding. We even marked a baptismal date for the 2 of them! My companion and i were going home when it was downpouring and i found out that he likes redneck jokes... we comment the whole day on this! hahahah! He was like yeah, my grandpa told me before the mission, "You´re a good man. Teach the hell out of them!" hahahah i died! We taught joao filho´s family last night with the president of every organization from church! it was really really great! Later i went with Krespo, argentinian RM who married a girl from here, and taught a reference and my comp went with bishop to teach another family. everythings just going swell here! Loving my time here.
Elder Larsen
 Sleeping or Praying......
 There are pigs everywhere in this town! 
 kinda blurry. baptismal font in campo maior

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