Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The church is true!

HEYYALLL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! YOU´RE SOOOO......young! hahaha well this week was a dandy. We got news from the ZL´s this week that this transfer will be only 5 weeks....so it´ll end on May 6th...AND the next transfer will be only 5 weeks as well. What does this mean? I get home 2 weeks earlier! So my return date now is September 2nd!! whoa! thats like tomorrow! Crazy, huh?
We had some good lessons this week...we taught a reference named Debora who is really interested in the church, but she´s limited by her spouse. Its really hard to find good men to teach. The biggest problem here and the cause for many problems is that there´s a lack of good men. There´s a lot of families here torn apart because the man of the house is a bum or doesnt like the church. We had Neide´s baptism on thursday! It was so awesome...a lot of people showed up to support. A young man, Felipe, who was baptized this year had the privilege to baptize her. Beforehand, the Young women had a human rights activity. There were a few investigators there that also stayed to watch the baptism. Friday....EVERYTHING was closed because of a catholic holiday. Literally think that there was a total of 10 people in the city. We were invited to a CHURRASCO (barbeque) at night at Antonina´s! I never ate so much meat in my life! Saturday we ate lunch at Auricélia and Krespo´s house. We conversed like crazy! They´re a cool couple, i like them a lot. We had the opportunity to give a few blessings this week. It was quite amazing to see immediate results after the blessing of a lady that we blessed. She wasnt able to eat these last few days and was becoming quite week. After the blessing, we was already eating a feeling better! An RM, Hyago, got here this week from serving in Salvador, Bahia! HE´S HUGE! seriously, almost 7 ft! He knew Jared Hubbard in the mission! He also speaks fluent english. He was a foreign exchange student in new hampshire, washington dc, and tulsa oklahoma. Cool fella! We´re teaching quite well together right now. I really feel like i´m in my flow as a missionary now. The church is true!
Elder Larsen

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