Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference & An AMERICAN Companion!!

hey kids! what an AWESOME general conference! i´ve never seen one go by so fast!! Elder Holland started the thing of lighting it up! I loved the part where he said that God isn´t one who only passes His hand on our heads. We have to come to reality sometimes. Another quote from elder bednar, Alot of people today are mistaken today thinking that happiness is a stage of being free from all duties, but the truth is that we find happiness through being busy and serving!! We cannot receive ALL of the blessings of the atonement if we dont make covenants with God. So many good lines....i could go on all day.. I loved the one about elder uchtdorf in air force one....."and i heard a distinct voice...that of president monson saying,"dont even think about it, dieter!"" hahahahah! SO CRAZY I JUST WATCHED MY LAST GENERAL CONFERENCE OF THE MISSION!!! Next time i´ll be watching it in the man cave!! 
So, my new companion is elder patey from midway, utah. one of 7 kids! He´s a great missionary, been out for 11 months, 5 months in brazil. He was in albany, new york serving. He speaks really well because he lived in portugal for 4 years. So, speaking english isnt a problem. We speak portuguese 24/7. We finally marked a baptismal date for João filho´s family! April 25th! We just need to marry them now! We teach quite well together. I´m more of the penetrater who teaches directly while he´s the soft and smooth who caresses the investigator´s head. hahaha! Finally have a comp who exercises with me in the morning!! He´s a really polite kid as well.
I´m thinking this will be my last transfer here in Altos! After this, looks like only one more area! This is my 4th area. GAHH! How i´d want to be there at the conference with Elder Holland!!!!!!! You´ve gotta be kidding me! 
Well, i guess i´ll just have to wait a little bit longer.
Elder Larsen

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